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Roseland Peninsula

Roseland Peninsula

Located in the south of Cornwall, The Roseland Peninsula is definitely one of the most unique places to go see in Cornwall, the Roseland Peninsula. Because of its Mediterranean climate the Roseland Peninsula is home to massive variety of flora and fauna, readily seen in both private and public gardens throughout the peninsula.

St Mawes is the main village on the Roseland Peninsula, it is located near the end of the peninsula and has a number of different types of accommodations, hotels, pubs and restaurants. Although it is a village that is off the beaten path, St Mawes is easily reached by pedestrian ferry from Falmouth, the ride takes about twenty minutes. It is also possible to take the ferry to Truro, another town located near the peninsula and the county town of Cornwall.

One of the more popular locations to visit on the Roseland Peninsula is Portloe. Portloe is a relatively smaller village than St Mawes and has only a single pub and a hotel named the Lugger. Portloe however offers a fascinating countryside that is ideal for exploration.

The Roseland Peninsula is relatively small in size being approximately 10 miles long from St. Anthony’s Head to Tregony the ‘Gateway of the Roseland’. Its widest point from the King Harry Ferry to Veryan Bay measures about three miles.

You can explore the southern coast of the Roseland Peninsular by foot and can also traverse the South West Coast Path from Portholland down to St Anthony’s Head. From there you can take the pedestrian ferry the plies between St Anthony’s Head and St Mawes but only during the summer season. Once you are in St. Mawes you may take the ferry to Falmouth and from there you can follow the path to Lands End.

The Roseland Peninsula is home to a wide variety of accommodations in adequate numbers, there are close to ten hotels along with a range of self catering cottages, houses and self catering apartments. Everywhere on the Roseland Peninsula is easily reached so you can also stay in the smaller villages and not confine yourself to staying in the larger ones. The hotels on the Roseland Peninsula all cater to your need and each has it own uniqueness. There are even some pubs that will offer you accommodation but most are all located in St Mawes.

The Roseland Peninsula has a lot of boatyards, anchorages, and sailing clubs so it is easy to get on the water by renting a sailboat or simply engaging in any of the many water sports opportunities available. If you are interested in wind surfing, sail boating, water skiing, or kayaking then you will it all on the Peninsula. The area is very popular with many water sports lovers and a number of international events have been held there over the years.

Today the Roseland Peninsula see its fair share of tourists year round, many come to relax and enjoy the hospitality of the people, other visit to roam through the lush vegetation and the many trails. This is the place you go if you want to get away from the hectic pace of city life.

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