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St Mawes Storm Spring 2016
12/04/2016 - 09:46
  Once again St Mawes has been battered by some spectacular storms. A low pressure coupled with the spring tides and other factors resulted in some rather interesting conditions! Unfortunatly the Idles Rocks was once again flooded and the Ship & Castle cafe suffered some damaged. The folllowin...
Storm surge
06/02/2014 - 19:19
An interesting time in the village, the spring tides coupled with some deep low's have created some very high tides and winds and caused problems throughout the south west. St Mawes was hit hard and there' more to come. Residents of the village say they havent seen such violent sea's before, reinfor...
olympic rowers
08/09/2012 - 10:40
Wednesday 12th September : Can Britain’s nurtured and insulated professional rowers, including Olympic Gold medalists!,  mix it with the Southwest’s tough army of gig rowers? St Mawes ,  from 4pm activities  at the Quay racing from 6:00pm. A unique event coming soon.
St Mawes Monopoly
13/03/2012 - 22:08
A St Mawes Monopoly board, the brainchild of Amelia Whitaker, is now available to buy. Licensed by Hasbro, the St Mawes Monopoly game replaces the standard hotspots of the board game with relevant landmarks and businesses from the village. There will be only 1000 sets made of the St Mawes monopoly g...
St Mawes Fish Festival
31/08/2011 - 17:35
The Fish Festival, this year on the 17th of September, is almost here! More details : www.stmawesfishfestival.co.uk A variety of cooked Seafood will be available including Seafood Paella, BBQ'd fish fillets & Scallops. In addition Paul, Steve and Simon will be running cooking demonstrations and...
St Mawes Carnival
28/07/2011 - 11:37
Sunday 31st July -Crowning of the Carnival Queen, 5.30pm on the quay.St Mawes Carnival Harbour Swim, 6pm. The swim will take place from Summers Beach into the Harbour (approx distance 350m). Register on the quay from 2pm. Monday 1st August -St Mawes Fun Run, race starts at 6.30pm on the quay.Registe...
St Mawes Butchers
14/07/2011 - 16:21
A welcome to Debbie & Neil who have just taken over the Butchers . Aside form the usual, they also do whole cooked chickens, cold meats, pates, salamis, marinated meats for the bbq, cooking sauces and finally a superb selection of cheese, a visit is a must if you're a chease lover!
Pilot Cutters
18/05/2011 - 18:11
This could be the biggest gathering of pilot cutters in the UK since the 19th Century when ports like Bristol and Falmouth were home to many pilot boats vying for the lucrative pilot trade.  We have only just counted the pilot cutters coming and it looks like we have at least 12 on their way to the...
St Mawes Hotel
10/05/2011 - 00:00
The St Mawes Hotel is currently undergoing a major and exciting re-vamp and will be completed very soon. The hotel will have more rooms, seperate areas for hotel guests, a moules bar and a new bar area. Their new website, designed by Chris Nichols and developed by Weir Media, has more details. www.s...
St Mawes in April
13/04/2011 - 12:23
Well, the weather recently has been superb. Lovely sunshine and blue skys all round. However some say this could be a sign that we're in for an early Summer and therfore August may not be to good? Who knows, lets just enjoy it while we can!

20/12/2010 - 14:04
According to the BBC news, the 'Entire' region of Cornwall has been affected by heavy snow and treacherous conditions after heavy snow falls last night. Hmmm... entire region? Not quite! Current synopsis in St Mawes.. Clear blue skies and sunshine, light winds, a balmy 7 degrees and absolutely no s...

19/12/2010 - 00:00
While the rest of the country may be going through arduous snowy conditions and sub zero tempertures, St Mawes has escaped almost all of it! There has been the odd snow flurry for a few minutes with very little settlement and the coldest its been is about -4c, so if you're getting fed up of the snow...

22/10/2010 - 16:13

04/08/2010 - 10:57
St Mawes Carnival has begun! Download posters and Carnival programme below..

29/07/2010 - 18:24
This month saw the opening of a new Bed & Breakfast venture in the ever popular village of Philleigh. The owners of  Gwel An Vala are John & Meryl Winterflood who have spent the last year completely updating and refurbishing this large detached bungalow so that it now provides three fabulous...

27/07/2010 - 00:00
Stmawes.info has had a good going over by Sticky Web to bring the site up to date and there's a few new features that have been implemented. The most noticeable being that its now tied in with Facebook & Twitter to help keep visitors and residents up to date on news and events. Sticky Web say th...

19/07/2010 - 00:00
St just in Roseland Church needs your help! St. Just-in-Roseland Church has nestled alongside St. Just Pool on the edge of the River Fal since it was built at the turn of the 13th Century.   Every year, thousands of people from all over the world come to visit this enchanting church in its idyllic l...

01/05/2010 - 00:00
The new bed and breakfast in St Mawes is now open for business. Tim & Ami Whittaker have extended and completely rebuilt an existing house along Polvarth Road and transformed it into a very upmarket B&B with three ensuite rooms and a separate self catering annexe. There's also the opportunit...

05/02/2010 - 00:00
The Roseland Inn at Philleigh is now brewing its own 'Roseland Beer' after Phil the boss installed a Micro Brewery! So far its been a real success and two ales are being sold at Philleigh, and their sister pub, the Victory Inn at St Mawes.  The ales are also being sold in Party Boxes from the on sit...

14/10/2008 - 13:45
The SPAR store in St Mawes is to close on the 3rd of November 2008, however it will be replaced by a CO-OP store. Steve and Keith, who run the SPAR, have decided that after ten years its time to move on. The new CO-OP will be opening in early November after a reshuffle and re-refurbishment in time...

05/08/2008 - 23:29
Recently there have been a number of UFO's (unidentified floating objects) found in the seas around St Mawes and Falmouth. These stainless steel balls of intrigue have had us guessing as to their true purpose. The St Mawes Enginneering Group & Sailors, (S.M.E.G.S) have concluded they are too...

11/07/2008 - 11:08
The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall were in St Mawes this morning to officially name the new pedestrian Ferry. During their 40 minute visit Prince Charles and Camilla walked around the village quay and spoke to Andy and Julie, propierters of the St Mawes Post office, The Curtis family, owners of the...

08/07/2008 - 17:11
The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall will be in St Mawes on Friday the 11th of July to officially name the new St Mawes pedestrian ferry. The new ferry, owned and operated by Cornwall Ferries (part of King Harry Ferry) will be named by Camillla, Duchess of Cornwall. As part of their visit Prince Char...

09/06/2008 - 17:22
Twenty Dolphins have died in the Percuil River, St Mawes, after becoming stranded in unfamiliar shallow waters.It is thought that a number greater than twenty swam up the river chasing prey when they got into difficulties as this type of dolphin is not used to navigating the shallow waters....

01/06/2008 - 19:22
While the rest of the UK is seeing house prices fall quite rapidly, properties in St Mawes so far seem relatively unscathed. Yes, they are creeping down a little but nothing like the percentages seen elsewhere in the UK. There is currently a wide selection of properties available in St Mawes, and...

29/05/2008 - 18:12
St Mawes fishermen are having a hard time at the moment due to the ever increasing fuel prices brought on by soaring global oil prices. More and more fishermen throughout the Southwest and the UK are laying up their boats as it has become completly uneconomical to go fishing, with the running and f...

19/05/2008 - 18:35
The landord of the Victory Inn in St Mawes has recently taken over the Roseland Inn in Philleigh and is giving it a new lease of life after the previous tennants decided to move on. Phil & Debbie Heslip took over the Victory Inn in June 2006 and have done exceddingly well in increasing the pu...

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