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Walking in St Mawes

Walking in St Mawes

GUIDED WALKS OF ST MAWES 2008 will be the 6 th year of these popular leisurely guided walks around the village of St Mawes, on the beautiful Roseland peninsula. It seems visitors and new residents to the area, are keen to know more about the locality. The walk is every Wednesday morning from 4 th April to 3rd October 2007, takes about 90 minutes and is led by Alan January, and starts from the Roseland Visitor Centre in the main car park at 10 30am. There is no need to book – just turn up – and the cost is £3 per person. Walks

1. Take the steps alongside the Roseland Visitor Centre, enjoy the lovely view from the picnic area, take the footpath along the top of the picnic area, into the Recreation Ground, up past the tennis court, and wander through the wetlands valley known as The Bottoms. This was an old Withy garden. For a shorter walk return the same way, past the picnic area, come out onto Hillhead, and walk down the hill to the Square. For a longer walk, continue along the path until it comes out on Polvarth Road; turn down into Waterloo Close, through the snicket into Carrick Way. Then cross Hillhead into Pedn Moran, looking for a left turning down a narrow path into St. Austell Row; some of the oldest cottages are here, together with Hillside Cottage - immediately opposite the Idle Rocks Hotel, probably the oldest standing house in the village, and formerly associated with the Pilchard trade.

2. From the St Mawes village car park keep the Emporium on your right, and start up Bohella Road, past Rodney's hairdressers, and past a traditional terrace of fishermen's cottages on your right, with glimpses of the harbour through the "opes" on the steps, which lead to Kings Road. As you leave Bohella Road, look straight ahead, and you will see the ancient Mediaeval Well, where our Patron Saint, St. Maudit, lived in his cell. You are now at the head of the Victory steps, and can either go down the steps, visiting Onda and the historic Victory Inn on the way to the seafront, or continue in one of three ways:

** shortest: down Commercial Road, past Wentworth House, once the site of the Lady Chapel at which locals worshipped prior to Henry VIII's change of St Mawes Castlecircumstances and style of worship!! You are now in the area once inhabited by the Duke of Buckingham, who owned the Town of St. Mawes. Walk on down Commercial Road, and you will come out at the Quay, and can either proceed towards the Castle, or return to the Car Park, via the shops and hostelries on the way.

** Next shortest: start down Commercial Road until you reach the flight of steps on your right, go up these into Chapel Terrace, very pretty cottages, turn left and pass the old Wesleyan Chapel, turn into Church Hill and turn immediately left between two high hedges, which will lead you into Gibraltar Terrace, past Southcliff House, once the old Methodist Manse, and with very interesting views over the roof-scapes of old St. Mawes to the wonderful vistas beyond. Do visit St. Mawes Church opposite Gibraltar Terrace before you go down Church Hill to the seafront on Marine Parade, where again you can proceed to the Castle or back down to the harbour.

** Longest: take the right turn up Grove Hill, past the lovely red brick Georgian House, up to the Catholic Church, once a Bible Christian Chapel, and if you wish to venture further the Village School built in the last century is set with a scenic view across the valley to the other side of the village. Then back down into Chapel Terrace St Mawes, through Church Hill and Gibraltar Terrace, visit the Church (all as above) and turn up the Hill when you leave, taking a left turn into Riviera Lane, and returning to Lower Castle Road, right by Tavern House, once a Kiddlywink, where beer was brewed in the back room and sold to locals from the Parlour. Again, access to the Castle, or return along the seafront, passing some beautiful houses on the way ; don't forget to look up as well as across the harbour, we have some very quaint chimneys!!

St Mawes Carnival 13. Take the steps alongside the Roseland Visitor Centre into the picnic area above, admiring the view across the harbour as you go, and turn right onto the footpath, which will bring you out onto Hillhead. Down past the Old Dairy and up a steep slope onto St. Austell Row, you will find a 'snicket' which leads to Pedn Moran. Some lovely houses and views from here. Almost opposite to this path you will find another, bringing you out onto Polvarth Road, opposite Freshwater Lane. From the Lane there are lovely views across to the Drawler Plantation and Froe Creek. Take the footpath down to the Boatyard, and you will find a link path to your right, bringing you out at Polvarth Boatyard. Access back onto Tredenham Road, follow the pavement to the sea front, and enjoy seclusion in the Coppice, Commander Martins Corner, avail yourself of the seats along the promenade, or save yourself for a rest on Sams Bank before arriving back at the Car Park.

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