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Beaches on the Roseland Peninsula

Roseland Beaches

The beaches to be found on the Roseland Peninsula are considered to be very quiet and without much of the social amenities that is seen at the larger resorts. Yet this only adds to the charm and uniqueness of the Roseland. There are no lifeguards on any of the beaches and although they are relatively safe it is prudent to exercise some degree of caution when swimming as the sea in Cornwall can be very unpredictable.

Roseland Peninsula Beaches

There are many beaches to be found on the Roseland Peninsula and most of them are relatively small and intimate. Visitors to Cornwalls beaches are all advised to keep the beach clean and not to leave any litter behind. Most of the beaches on the Roseland Peninsula are easily accessible and for some parking may be a short distance away from the beach itself.

Here is a short list of the more popular beaches on Cornwalls Roseland Peninsula:

Carne beach
This beach is owned and operated by the National Trust. Carne is a huge sandy beach and is about one mile long. The section of the beach to the west is the Pendower Beach. You will find that there is a gentle slipway that takes you down to the beach. When the tide is low beachgoers can walk from Crane beach over to Pendower beach.There are also toilets and a car park at the beach.

Pendower beach
Located along the same strip as the Roseland Peninsula's Crane beach, Pendower beach, which is also operated by the National Trust, is similarly wide and sandy stretching about one mile and the eastern section of the beach is the Crane beach. This beach also has toilet facilities and a car park.

Beaches at St Mawes
These beaches are somewhat small but are still very good places to go swimming and great for those who want to sunbathe. There is however, a dog ban that is in operation from April to September. To access car parking facilities and toilets, you will have to go into the nearby village.

Porthcurnick beach
This Roseland Peninsula beach is another beach that is owned and operated by the National Trust. This beach is wide and sandy and also has a number of rock pools and slipway. There is also a café and toilet facilities available. Parking is at a big car park at Portscatho and you gain access to the beach by walking down some steps.

Portscatho beach
This is really a lovely fishing village in the Roseland Peninsula that has a beach. The beach is made up of mainly rock but there are some sandy patches sprinkled along its length. The beach runs up to Porthcurnick Beach to the North. Parking and toilet facilities are readily available and are near to the beach. There is a dog ban in effect from April to September.

Towan beach
This beach is a spacious sand and pebble beach, which has a number of rock pools that are seen at low tide. The beach is bigger than it initially appears.

Porthbeor beach
Porthbeor is owned by the National Trust. This beach is a golden sandy beach and is accessed by a steep path. When there is low tide rocky areas can be seen on the beach.

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