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St Mawes house prices remain buoyant

1 June 2008 - 7:22pm

While the rest of the UK is seeing house prices fall quite rapidly, properties in St Mawes so far seem relatively unscathed. Yes, they are creeping down a little but nothing like the percentages seen elsewhere in the UK.

There is currently a wide selection of properties available in St Mawes, and houses are still changing hands with fluidity and without any sign of stagnation.

It has become apparent that new owners are very keen to try to let their properties out to help pay the mortgage or to see a roi. However there are now so many second holiday homes available to let in St Mawes one wonders if the localized market is at risk of becoming somewhat watered down, and while there is still a large influx of tourists and holiday makers coming in to the village, the current UK economics may see mean filling the properties will become increasingly difficult.

St Mawes is, and always will be a very popular location for those wishing to buy a second home and is one of the most expensive places in Cornwall to buy property. The average house price is Cornwall is currently £238,085 with the UK average at £210,792. The average value of houses sold in St Mawes over the past two years is £534,070.

The locals residing in St Mawes are still struggling to stay in the village and rely on affordable housing schemes and part buy schemes to keep them in the village.

One must remember that Cornwall, compared nationally, has high house prices but also very low average incomes.

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