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History of St Mawes

Historical photos, past and present 1955 The rising Sun on the right, Carricknath cottages on the left, now part of the Idle rocks, and the Ship & Castle hotel in the distance. St Mawes History

1938 Looking up Hill Head road with the old dairy on the right. To the left, off the photo, would be the Rising Sun pub. 1904 The Ship & Castle Hotel towards the right. 1930 Looking towards the Idle Rocks Hotel from the top of the slipway. Notice how few houses there are in the distance. 1890 Looking down towards what is now the Idle Rocks Hotel. The house on the right has gone. 1955 The Rising Sun in the Square 1890 . St Mawes used to actually be two small village, St Mawes & Bohella. A wall seperated the two which can just be made out above the cart.

St Mawes tides

Tide times for the 18th January 2018

00:12 - Low Tide (0.82m)
06:02 - High Tide (5.03m)
12:32 - Low Tide (0.81m)
18:21 - High Tide (4.80m)

Random photos

Bobbie Dee
Cornwall Working Boat
The new St Mawes ferry
Pilot Cutter
Working boat 6
Charles and Camilla in Bakery
St Mawes Carnival 3
MFV Celestial Dawn
Fish festival 5
Prince Charles
Boat race St Mawes